Top 15 Support KPIs & Metrics for For Customer Support Teams

Top 12 support KPIs for better customer service

kpi for support team

Boosting employee behavior and knowledge and bringing down wait times can be done through consistent training and improving agent enablement. The best way to get these insights is by measuring customer service key performance indicators or customer service KPIs. That means the ones detailed above might not always be the best for your team to track! Make sure your KPIs measure progress toward the goals you’ve set for your team. Whether you want to offer better issue resolution, or connect more authentically with customers, KPIs that relate to these goals can help give you accurate data that shows how well your team is progressing. The balanced scorecard is a mechanism that aggregates the most important metrics—all those we have covered in this Metric of the Month—into a single, all-inclusive measure of performance.

kpi for support team

If your customer needs to reach back out or be escalated to another source for support, it does not count as first contact resolution. First, you need to decide what you want to achieve with your IT support team, and then choose the right metrics to measure success. In doing so, make sure to mix productivity, quality, performance, and financial KPIs to have a complete overview.

Analyzing KPIs for the customer service teams is an essential initiative that provides businesses with valuable insights into how employees are interacting with customers and addressing questions quickly. With this data, decision-makers can make wise decisions to ensure improved client satisfaction rates, extended retention levels, and heightened profitability. For example, consider a business metric like customer churn rate, which measures how many customers you have lost over a period of time.

Then, you can decide how you’ll make improvements, whether it’s offering more tailored training, clarifying how to talk about a certain policy, or showing your team how to better use support tools. These customer service metrics each measure one aspect of customer service or support. Each of these KPI can go a long way toward creating excellent support experiences. As a 30-year veteran of this industry, I have seen support organizations struggle more often than not with poor morale and low job satisfaction. By managing job satisfaction, you are simultaneously driving higher levels of analyst engagement.

Abandon Rate

For instance, they should know how to use the system to route messages and escalate requests if they cannot resolve them. Similarly, high ticket volumes around a specific topic are worth keeping tabs on and investigating. If the topic is your product, it may indicate a product issue that needs fixing. Finally, fluctuating ticket volumes at certain times of the day or days of the year helps you identify busier and slower periods, so you can adjust support shifts to meet demand. Resolution time will vary depending on factors like the complexity of the issue and whether you have enough agents to handle it.

The difference between the two will give you the ticket backlog at the end of the period. These KPIs provide valuable insights into your team’s effectiveness and are also useful from a financial standpoint because they impact your revenue and profits. Understanding your revenue churn is a crucial first step in improving your operations and fostering long-term loyalty.

customer service KPIs every support team needs to track

You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. To find your cost per resolution, take your total service department costs for a given time period and divide them by the number of tickets resolved for the same time period. Your entire support team can view the same inbox and see a complete history of client interaction. Agents don’t need to spend time searching for information and can see who’s handling a customer support request at any given time. Customers, in turn, benefit from faster and better service quality, improving overall satisfaction. You get different types of KPIs, including financial ratios (e.g., net profit), process metrics (e.g., % of defective products), and customer support KPIs (e.g., average first response time).

IT support teams are the first point of contact for all requests, issues, and problems. By collecting and analyzing data on KPIs, business leaders can identify areas for improvement, optimize teams’ processes and services, and deliver better customer support. A customer service KPI dashboard is a live display of all the metrics that a team is measuring. A dashboard mainly helps with monitoring team performance and customer satisfaction metrics, including the total number of tickets resolved, average response time, and CSAT score.

kpi for support team

And if you make new hires, change policies or procedures, or adopt technology like AI, you can easily see how performance is affected. Ticket Backlog measures the total number of tickets that agents have not resolved in a given period. It provides insights into the IT support staff’s workload, the support system’s efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In business, a key performance indicator is a measurable value that determines how effectively a company is achieving its key objectives.

To calculate your CSAT score, you take your total number of satisfied customers, divide by the total number of responses, and multiply by 100. What qualifies as positive depends on the scale being used, but on a one to five scale, you’d usually count up the fours and fives. In any service delivery organization, cost, or more accurately unit cost, is critically important.

Some include high customer satisfaction scores, low average resolution times, high customer retention rates, and how your internal CX benchmarks measure up to your performance. Customer service key performance indicators (KPIs) are important metrics that help customer support teams track and optimize performance. Businesses can use these figures to fine-tune operations, improve agent productivity, and better understand their customer interactions. Whether you’re tracking the performance of human or AI-powered virtual agents, you need to look at the same key metrics. This is a new way of measuring the impact of an automated customer service technology platform. Virtual agents are performing human work and need to be measured in the same way.

Freshservice comes with a mobile app, which allows IT personnel to get the job done even if they are offsite. End users are also given the capability to raise issues and request service from their mobile devices. It is capable of securing data and automating the whole help desk apparatus. Finally, with its flexible pricing plans, the system attracts users from businesses of any size. A necessary part of customer service is anticipating how many issues can arise.

On the other hand, a low backlog can mean the support team is efficient, leading to faster resolution times and higher customer satisfaction. Its analytics capability provides with you an overview of your customer support, enabling you to see customers who are interacting with your company and monitor the service they’re receiving. It lets you see usage statistics, evaluate performance reports, and learn from customer satisfaction ratings. Its extensive reporting possibilities enable you to keep tabs on support agent performance. You can take advantage of the LiveAgent free trial and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. Salesforce Service Cloud is a leading customer support software that helps you provide outstanding customer service from anywhere you are.

The social media customer service metrics that experts measure – Sprout Social

The social media customer service metrics that experts measure.

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The value of this metric, when tracked over time, is that it lets you determine whether overall performance is improving or getting worse. Moreover, it provides a useful benchmark for comparing your performance against other support organizations. Customer support KPIs are a series of measurements which allow a company to track the success of their operations in relation to achieving their goals or objectives. Key Performance kpi for support team Indicators help managers evaluate how their employees are doing, the value they bring to a team and how their work (and the customer experience) can be improved. The two most important metrics to measure for a support team will depend on the specific goals and objectives of the organization. Still, Customer Satisfaction and First Contact Resolution Rate are considered the most important metrics for a support team.

When it comes to the metrics of IT service and support, less really is more! It’s human nature to be impatient when in need of technical support or customer service. It doesn’t matter if customers are calling their bank, their cable company, or their company’s internal technical support department.

To calculate ROI, you have to divide the Net Profit by the Cost of Investment and multiply it by 100. Net Profit refers to the total amount of revenue generated by the investment minus the cost of the investment itself. By tracking ROI over time, the organization can determine whether the investment was successful and whether further investments in similar technology are warranted.

This way, you can see whether your customer service strategy is improving the customer experience in the ways you hoped or whether you might need to make more changes. The intention with these KPIs is to help identify ways to improve customer service performance over the long term. Metrics are only useful when you are measuring them frequently and looking for trends over time.

KPIs are used at different levels to gauge the success of an organization in hitting its targets. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it,” said Scottish scientist William Thomson. This adage underscores the relevance of establishing and applying KPIs in any organization regardless of its nature. These identifiers are flexible enough to encapsulate many of the major areas of a department like customer support. For instance, you can measure a KPI like service time and match it with the rate of satisfied customers within a given timeframe.

Ticket reopens represents how many times a ticket or incident needs to be reopened by a support agent. This metric shines a light on the status of a company’s operations, as a high level of reopened tickets can indicate problems with the product or customer experience. First contact resolution (FCR), sometimes known as one-touch resolution, is the percentage of customer tickets that agents resolve on the first interaction with that customer. In other words, there’s no need to transfer customers to other support agents or follow up later. If you’re just setting up your business, ensure you prioritize customer service KPIs that resonate the most with your industry.

Help desk metrics are specific, measurable parameters that contribute to the overall KPIs and tend to remain static. On the other hand, KPIs are broader, strategic measures linked to business goals and objectives. They focus on the organization’s overall success, not just the support team’s performance. First contact resolution rate is different from the average resolution time as it measures the percentage of tickets solved during initial content.

That may lead to downgrades and cancellations, which should be avoided as much as possible. In our example, we can see that January brought a higher churn rate, which could mean that clients have canceled their yearly contracts and it affected the company. As its name suggests, this customer service KPI tracks the costs of resolving an issue by different communication channels.

This metric indicates whether the team is equipped and available to handle the number of tickets. Customer support KPIs are crucial for assessing overall team performance, holding agents accountable, keeping everyone aligned, and improving your customer service. Businesses need a strategic approach when tracking and achieving the customer service KPIs listed above.

Your service reps are on the frontlines of customer interaction and satisfaction. You’ll want to recognize reps that solve the most tickets, have the most first-resolution Chat PG tickets, and deliver high customer satisfaction results. Calculating how much it costs to resolve each ticket is critical to determining staffing and operating costs.

You can calculate this metric by determining the average time to solve all tickets over a specified time range. For example, let’s say you’re calculating the average resolution time for an eight-hour shift. Simply divide the total time needed to solve the tickets by the number of tickets solved.

kpi for support team

Even if that requires a little bit of time to write, you will be rewarded with plenty of time saved in the future. It’s more important than ever for customer service teams to understand how you are performing against your customers’ expectations. There are core KPIs that every customer support team needs to be tracking closely. Some are based on very tangible metrics like resolution time, while others look at your customers’ feelings towards your company and how they perceive an interaction. Any company offering customer service should monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stay ahead of the competition. The KPIs provide insight into team performance and individual agents’ work, and most importantly, it allows companies to assess their offerings in terms of customer satisfaction.

Average reply time measures how long it takes agents to respond to customer queries across all communication with a customer, not just how long it takes to respond to initial outreach. For example, the amount of time it takes the agent to respond to each chat message sent by a customer. This KPI refers to the number of tickets an individual agent or team as a whole has received and resolved within a given period. Do that, and you’ll be able to take advantage of customer support KPIs to deliver truly exceptional customer service. Unlike CES and CSAT, NPS measures a customer’s overall perception of a brand or company.

In this post, learn about critical customer service and service desk KPIs that will help you understand your support strategies and improve customer satisfaction. It provides insights into the current demand placed on your support team, trends, and other underlying issues. For instance, if ticket volumes continuously increase month-on-month with your team feeling swamped, it may be time to hire new agents. That being said, there are some common KPIs that many companies and specific departments track. For example, many support teams will track average resolution time to gauge whether customer problems are being resolved swiftly. Customer service KPIs are performance metrics businesses can use to evaluate their CX efforts, analyze their support agents’ effectiveness, and develop better relationships with their customers.

But that approach doesn’t just apply to your supply chain management, revenue or churn rates – most fundamentally, it also applies to people and our performance. You need to understand if you are getting more service requests because your product/service is broken or because you are getting more customers. Tracking tickets per customer can help inform resource allocation through the lens of long-term vs. short-term needs. You’ll want to carefully review the interactions for people who responded with low scores to analyze what went wrong to update procedures and responses or conduct additional agent training.

Ticket Volume (no, not our podcast) is the number of incidents or requests IT support receives and handles within a given period. Measuring help desk metrics is essential to ensure support teams perform at their best. Monitoring the performance of your support activities helps you take control and service your customers better, boosting your customer loyalty. Knowledge base views have nothing to do with customer interaction with an agent. It enables companies to identify trends in customer issues based on the volume of their searches.

Salesforce Service Cloud can help companies deliver customer service in a fast, smart, and personalized way. This cloud-based service requires no hardware or software, making it highly usable, so you can get your support team up and running in no time and at less cost. Service Cloud is also adaptable to any industry workflow with its business automation tools and the ability to use custom or pre-integrated apps. FCCR involves resolving customer’s issues in one interaction, such as in a single chat session, a single phone call, or a single email or social media response. In other words, a customer need not contact you again since the issue was resolved in the first instance. Note that FCCR has a direct correlation to true customer satisfaction and can give your customer support a fresh approach and that much-needed boost, so you need to know how effective you are in this area.

It is especially useful when tracked over time, as it can provide insights into the effectiveness of process changes or technology investments. For example, if a new support tool or process is implemented and the cost per ticket decreases over time, it can be seen as a sign that the investment was successful. To calculate FCR, divide the number of support requests resolved during the initial contact by the total number of support requests received, and multiply by 100 to get a percentage.

  • The resolution rate is the percentage of support tickets resolved from those assigned to a specific department or person.
  • It categorizes incidents based on the level of disruption or impact they have on the business.
  • To calculate the AHT, you must divide the total time spent handling inquiries or requests by the total number of tickets.
  • NPS is designed to measure the likelihood of your customers to recommend your brand, product, or service to others.
  • NPS is a 10,000 foot view metric that measures overall satisfaction with your brand or product over the entire customer journey.

While certain issues that your team is facing could be unique, here are four ways in which you can help your team achieve their KPIS. Like we’ve said before, KPIs can be assessed alongside one another to identify important dependencies. So if your CSAT score is low, then going back to improving your response and resolution times might be worthwhile.

kpi for support team

This guide details the 21 most important customer service KPIs you should track to hit your business goals. The scenario depicted in this graph may mean that the IT service desk team is compromising on service quality to reduce the cost per ticket, which often results in lower customer satisfaction levels. Reducing customer churn is a crucial aspect of business success that requires constant customer engagement to understand and address customers’ issues with your brand and product.

In fact, In our own consumer research, we found that consistency in a company’s service and experience is one of the most important factors in creating satisfied customers. Striving to provide consistent resolutions is something that is becoming increasingly critical – especially as people are more than eager to loudly share their negative experiences. Getting back to your customers quickly is one thing, but how long it takes for you to actually resolve an issue is even more important. The InvGate Service Desk reporting feature is a powerful way to slice, dice, visualize, and store your most crucial performance information.

They engage in a variety of tactics to continuously improve first-contact resolution, including analyst training, investments in knowledge management, and remote-control tools. The strong correlation between FCR and customer satisfaction is illustrated in the two charts below. Following on the same line as the previous example, the average resolution time tracks the minutes it takes your agents to solve an issue.

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