How Long Does Crack Cocaine Stay In Your System?

However, within one hour, it’s possible for a urine test to pinpoint the presence of cocaine if you’ve smoked it. Cocaine can remain in the system anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks, with an average of one to four days through urine and blood tests. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can be detected through a drug test for anywhere from one day to three months, depending on the type of drug test. Cocaine dependence and addiction may cause the drug and its metabolites to stay in your system longer. Estimates show that when someone takes cocaine, about 40% hydrolyzes to form benzoylecgonine. Then, it is metabolized by the liver, producing ecgonine methyl ester.

  • If you are being tested for cocaine, crack or other substances in your system, the lab may be looking for cocaethylene in addition to benzoylecgonine and cocaine itself.
  • This is dangerous as it leads to an increased risk of addiction and overdose.
  • Urine testing is the preferred approach for screening coke use if there is no medical emergency.
  • Sporadic users will test positive for benzoylecgonine for the next 4-5 days, while that can go up to days for chronic users.
  • Urine screens following a period of heavy use may test positive for up to two weeks.
  • Fortunately, you do not have to face substance use disorder alone.

How Long Is Coke In Your Urine, Blood, Saliva, & Hair?

A family doctor or mental health professional can help a person find the assistance they need. Cocaine is a stimulant drug, which means that it increases activity in the central nervous system. This can make a person feel more energetic and may also cause anxiety or aggression.

  • While cocaine withdrawal can be uncomfortable, it’s usually something you can manage at home.
  • Cocaine metabolites can be present in your urine for up to four days after use.
  • Chronic cocaine use is a sign of cocaine addiction, which can drastically alter mood, behavior, and health.
  • Estimates show that when someone takes cocaine, about 40% hydrolyzes to form benzoylecgonine.

Cocaine Detox

  • Many factors impact these lengths of time, including your height, weight and age.
  • If you feel comfortable, you can bring it up with a healthcare professional.
  • It binds to the neurotransmitter receptors and blocks their removal, which results in the increased accumulation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

These metabolites are less vibrant than the parent compound, marking the beginning of the body’s process to eliminate the drug. Cocaine—also known as crack, coke, and blow—is an illegal stimulant drug that takes the form of a white, crystal powder. The manner in which you take it determines how quickly you can feel the effects of the drug.

Can You Flush Cocaine Out of Your System In 48 Hours?

Cocaine – Alcohol and Drug Foundation


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The majority of cocaine withdrawal symptoms are psychological in nature rather than physical as with drugs like heroin. However, that doesn’t mean that the process is a picnic to get through. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, and more will all make their way through a detoxing coke user over the course of the next 3 to 7 days. Given that this drug tends to move through the body quite quickly, cocaine’s withdrawal timeline can end up starting sooner compared to other substances of abuse. When all is said and done, cocaine detox can last anywhere from around 10 days to several weeks.

how long does a gram of cocaine stay in your system

Drug testing is a common practice in certain settings, particularly in workplaces. Drug screenings are generally used to detect the presence of drugs in the body. how long does cocaine stay in your system After the acute stage has passed, some cocaine users will also experience mental confusion, exhaustion, a lack of motivation, and more for several weeks after.

Urine Tests…

how long does a gram of cocaine stay in your system

This means that after an hour, approximately half of the cocaine in the body’s bloodstream has been eliminated. However, heavy or long-term use can cause longer elimination times. When consumed, cocaine quickly enters the bloodstream and is transported throughout the body, including the brain, where its effects are most pronounced.

It remains there until the hair is cut, or about 90 days for most people. However, trace amounts of benzoylecgonine remain in the system for up to a day. If you get a blood test within a day of using cocaine, it’s likely to pick up on these trace elements. It’s possible for cocaine to be present in urine, blood, saliva and hair. The helpline at is available 24/7 to discuss the treatment needs of yourself or a loved one.

Factors That Can Affect Cocaine Detection Times

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