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Users can now pay for their monthly or annual subscriptions using various cryptocurrencies. Currently, NordVPN supports BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XMR and other leading altcoins as payment methods. Experience a user-friendly interface and a suite of merchant tools to simplify integration and enhance the overall user experience. You can customize your checkout process with a branded checkout experience tailored to your business needs.

how do i accept crypto payments on my website

Payment security also allows for a more thorough accounting process, as transactions made with crypto are anonymous but trackable. You can use the transaction hash to locate payments to ensure a proper ledger when accounting, which helps drastically reduce human error. As cryptocurrency continues to become a more mainstream way of payment, companies are implementing strategies to accept crypto in many capacities. Accepting crypto payments on your website opens the door for new opportunities as your business grows. In this article, we will cover why you should accept payments in cryptocurrencies and which one of them is the best for you and your business.

Simplify Your Crypto Journey

You might still be charged third-party transaction fees for payments processed through these gateways. Refer to your store’s Shopify plan for the amount of fees charged. The QR code will be scanned by a customer who has a compatible crypto wallet to approve the transaction.

  • Currently, nearly 30 million e-commerce stores accept PayPal, meaning all these stores can now accept crypto payments too.
  • There are several different ways to accept cryptocurrencies before exchanging them for fiat currencies or storing them for investment purposes.
  • In early February 2021, Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, becoming the second-largest corporate shareholder in the currency.
  • Furthermore, CoinPayments offers a dedicated crypto wallet for each account holder, plus an extensive list of supported coins.

Our seamless integration allows you to accept Bitcoin on your platform. Regulations vary by state and country, making it crucial to grasp how they might affect your accounting systems when recording Bitcoin transactions effectively. Once the transaction is complete, shoppers receive a confirmation email from NordVPN and their membership commences at the appropriate tier. Shoppers have enthusiastically welcomed the ability to fund their memberships using crypto, thanks to NordVPN’s unwavering focus on privacy. By following these best practices and tips, you can smoothly accept Bitcoin into your website’s payment system.

What Crypto payment gateway to choose in 2021

Crypto can also be used in place of traditional currency for goods and services. Thousands of companies accept cryptocurrency, with that number consistently growing year over year. See BitPay’s Merchant Directory for a curated list of companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Finally, some cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, can be used to create smart contracts, NFTs and other creative purposes. Bitpay allows you to accept crypto payments in BTC, ETC, ETH, XRP & LTC.

how do i accept crypto payments on my website

Maintaining accurate records of your Bitcoin transactions is essential for seamless bookkeeping. Ensure your crypto payments are seamlessly integrated into your existing accounting software to streamline the overall tracking of your business finances. Before delving into crypto payments, understand the regulations governing cryptocurrencies in your jurisdiction. Speak to an accountant well-versed in cryptocurrency matters to ensure compliance with tax laws.

CoinPayments – Crypto Payments Made Easy

Finally, it is also important to have a payment processor that functions smoothly and doesn’t deteriorate the customer experience on your website. Today, let’s break down each crypto payment acceptance method one by one. BitPay shields you from the price volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Another reason is that using the latest technology is a tremendous approach to stand apart from other businesses. With this, you are offering existing customers new ways of paying. Besides, you can gain new customers who prefer using cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services. BitPay gives crypto enthusiasts a safe, simple and quick way to buy cryptocurrency. After buying crypto, manage your assets with the all-in-one BitPay Wallet app featuring industry-leading security. Buy crypto with a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Which cryptocurrencies to accept?

You don’t need a central authority to oversee your transaction and validate your account. This method can be an excellent way to accept crypto tokens in some cases. You don’t have to rely on a third-party organization to facilitate your transaction, for starters.

how do i accept crypto payments on my website

With the help of this system, an additional payment option — cryptocurrency — will be available to your customers. CoinPayments is a leading platform enabling businesses to accept crypto payments effortlessly. With thousands of users trusting us since 2013, CoinPayments provides a seamless integration process, allowing you to accept Bitcoin payments quickly. The platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, giving your customers the freedom to pay with their preferred digital assets. A wallet will keep your money as cryptocurrency, while a payment gateway will allow you to easily exchange crypto for U.S. dollars.

What can I do after I buy cryptocurrency?

Since many cryptocurrencies are deregulated, they don’t come with the usual government protections of traditional currency. For businesses looking to accept crypto, payment processors may offer certain built-in protections. PayPal makes it easy for customers to pay using their cryptocurrencies. PayPal will automatically convert crypto to U.S. dollars for the merchants. This option is geared toward offering more payment options for customers while still allowing the merchant to deal exclusively in fiat currency.

how do i accept crypto payments on my website

Less Risk – Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot be charged back. This means no hefty chargeback fees, penalties, suspended accounts or fraudulent donations to deal with. Bring your own wallet or use the BitPay Wallet to store, swap and spend after you buy. In addition, you have to track who’s paying what and match that with the real customers.

The Best Time for Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments is Now

As a business owner, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the transformative power of cryptocurrencies. Accept Bitcoin payments on your website and you can unlock doors to multiple crypto payment benefits. Cryptocurrency processors often Important Features Of Analytical Crm come with fees, but they can also provide certain conveniences and protections for businesses getting started with crypto. Cryptocurrency transactions are secured by blockchain technology, which provides a high level of security and transparency.

Step 2: Integrate The Payment Gateway

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